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The Play That Got Randy Moss Kicked Off The Vikings

I know he was tripped up, but he could have still caught that ball. I was not on the field, I’m only looking at how close the ball was when it landed. If Randy continues to run and not jog he catches the ball. Just my opinion, but I think a lot of people agree […]


Brett Farve will retire for real this time

Looks like Brett Farve will finally hang up his NFL uniform and stick to the Wrangler jeans. Do you think he will really stay retired this time? Sports Watcher Blog


Favre Breaks Silence On Feud With Packers – ESPN Video

It looks like Brett will be traded to Tampa Bay. That’s going to take some getting used to. How do you feel about this continuing saga? UPDATE: 8/7/08  The news is out that Farve has been traded to the New York Jets.  CLICK HERE for full story. more about “Favre Breaks Silence On Feud With […]