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Olympic Camel Toe

See what I mean? If you want to see the story that led me to find this picture you can read it HERE.


China Womens Olympic Team Age Controversy

Look at that face and body.  Does she look 16 to you?  According to the IOC, the governing body for the Olympic games, she is.  I say she ain’t.  I don’t know how many members of the China womens Olympic team are 16, but I’m very sure that Dena Linlin (pictured above) is not 16!  […]


USA Olympic Basketball Team Gets Its First Test

I have been hearing and seeing highlights of the US Olympic Basketball Team beating up on people like men against boys, but now with the games ready to start in three days they get their first major test from Australia.  Let’s hope that this just keeps our guys sharp and ready to claim the gold. […]