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Chad Ochocinco makes a young fan’s dream come true

Some people think that Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco is a bit of a ham and that may be true, but in this video (click link below) you will see another side of him that truly puts him in a great light.  You gotta watch the video and get your tissues ready.  😉 CLICK HERE […]


Serena Williams swimsuit malfunction – photo

I know may of us admire Serena Williams for her outstanding tennis abilities.  Others of us just admire her.  She is a woman of many talents.    One of her talents is being  a fashion designer.  I hope this swimsuit was not one of her own creations because as you can see from the picture […]


Real Hot Wheels – photo

I saw this photo on MSNBC.  I had to wonder, what goes through a persons mind at this moment.  I’m sure it’s something along the lines of  “Oh Sh!t, I gotta get out of here”.   Then again it might happen so fast that you don’t realize what just happened.  Anybody out there have any experience […]