Where Is The Ball? – photo

This photo was featured as one of the best sports photos of the day by Sports Illustrated on April 19, 2011.  The photo captures LeBron James and Jrue Holiday battling for a loose ball, but if you look carefully, I don’t see the ball, and it appears that they don’t either.

The photo was taken by Heinz Kluetmeler

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  1. We have all at one time or another been captivated by sports images. It may be Kirk Gibson’s World Series Homerun, and the image of him running the bases, overcoming the pain he was in or an image of high flying Michael Jordan slam dunking a basketball with his tongue out. We have all been captured in the moment of human drama. We all like a good action photo and, in particular, if your kids play sports, you want to remember them in their toils.

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