Mike Ditka gives his views on helmet hits and the NFL

Former Bears coach Mike Ditka gives his views on helmet hits, the labor situation, and whether the NFL will expand to an 18-game season. He said the league and players “would be crazy” if they didn’t resolve their financial issues.

This video was originally seen on the “Business of Sports” blog on the Crain’s Chicago Business site.  Ed Sherman is the writer of that blog.

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Mark Sanchez show poise in victory over Lions

This was a great comeback victory for the Jets as they scored the final 13 points to pull off a victory in OT.

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The Play That Got Randy Moss Kicked Off The Vikings

I know he was tripped up, but he could have still caught that ball. I was not on the field, I’m only looking at how close the ball was when it landed. If Randy continues to run and not jog he catches the ball. Just my opinion, but I think a lot of people agree with me.

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Massachusetts announcers blow up over blown backwards lateral call

2010_1022_Abington_vs_Rockland_Touchdown_Nullified from Norm Caseley on Vimeo.

Listen to the announcers. Some people will say that they acted unprofessional, but every fan wants their home-team announcers to show this kind of support for their team. Don’t you?

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New Nike Commercial withLeBron James – Rise

This one is creating a lot of buzz around the office. Everybody seems to like it. I like it too. Do you?

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Watch Rangers’ Del Zotto smash camera lens with shot – video

I know he wasn’t trying to do it but that was a heck of a shot.

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Canucks’ Rypien attacks Wild fan

Vancouver Canucks center Rick Rypien went after a Minnesota Wild fan Tuesday night in Minneapolis. Shortly after the Rypien grabs the fan you will see security come and remove the fan and his friend. I don’t know if they were removed from the game but nothing should have happened to them. If fact they should have been compensated for being attacked by the visiting team.

Watch the video closely. You will see that the fan is doing nothing but clapping and then Rypien goes after him. I say the fan should get seasons tickets, but seeing where the seats are, he may already have seasons tickets. At least give the man a hot dog or something.

Given that we live in a world of crazy law suits, I would not be surprised to find out that the fan is charging Rypien for assault.

What would you do if you were the fan?

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ESPN Fantasy Football site rife with security flaws

As someone who is in two different ESPN fantasy football leagues you can imagine that I sat up and paid attention to this story when I saw it on MSNBC today.  Here is the main thrust of the story: ESPN’s Fantasy Football site is plagued by flaws that make it easy for users to cheat, according to a security researcher.

I read the full story, CLICK HERE, and I do hope that if there is any real flaw that it is fixed ASAP!

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Time-lapse video of the Giants to Jets field change

New Meadowlands Stadium Change Over Time-Lapse from Ken Friberg and Daniel Life on Vimeo.

I saw a story on Yahoo that showed this video and described how the change takes place. The most complicated part of this is the actual changing of the logos.

You can check out the full story on Yahoo by clicking HERE.

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Ines Sainz tells her side of the harrassment story on video

There has been a lot of talk in the news about how Ines Sainz was treated by members of the New York Jets.  In the video above she tells her side of the story.

They say that she is called the sexiest sports reporter in Mexico.  After seeing the video I can see why.  😉  Check it out and let me know if you agree.

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